Trio Elopement | Wedding Ceremony Backdrop. This beautiful ring arch display is an elegant addition for your ceremony space. We named it Trio because of the three circles of love that the rings create! (pretty obvious, huh?) Our couples like this one when there is a child involved in the wedding/marriage. Daddy, Mommy, Child represent the 3 rings. Of course the ring-trio can mean many things to many people, or you may just like the "look"!  It's similar to our Endless Love backdrop setup but it's more simplistic. The first circular arch is approximately 8 feet tall and is open at the bottom so it has space to stand underneath. Great spot for your officiant. This unique backdrop is a beautiful way to add a simplistic elegant look to your ceremony space. Your package comes with 3 ring arches, 2 huge floral arrangements in floor vases, bridal bouquet and groom boutionnere (or same sex couples, 2 bouquets or 2 boutonnieres). Endless Love is a unique backdrop space to add detail to your elopement or wedding ceremony. The dry lakebed, desert or park is a perfect spot for this elegant backdrop.


Complete Wedding Ceremony Space Package - includes: 

  • 24 - hour rental 
  • 1 - bridal bouquet 
  • 1 - boutonniere
  • 1 - extra large gold-tone walk-thru metal arch
  • 1 - extra large gold-tone metal circle/ring arch
  • 1 - large gold-tone metal circle/ring arch
  • 2 - extra large desert rose floral arrangements
  • 2 - floor vases


Pieces can be rented separately or additional items added to your set-up.



  • bridal bouquet $20 - $45
  • boutonniere $5
  • gold-tone 8 foot walk-thru metal arch $50
  • gold-tone 7.5 extra large size arch $45
  • gold-tone 6.5 large circle arches $40
  • extra-large desert rose floral arrangements $45 each
  • humungus stone-look floor vases (resin) $25
  • artificial pampas grass 3-stems for $5


prices do not include set-up or delivery. 

delivery and setup is available to limited locations for an additional cost of $150

if delivery/setup is purchased it reduces the rental period to 1-hour


all measurements are approximate


stone-look floor vase (resin composite)

24 Inches - height

22 Inches - width

25 pounds - weight